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We are a young, energetic, independent recruitment consultancy working on a broad range of PR jobs in London, with a specialist focus on the Public Relations Industry.  We work closely with PR agencies in a wide variety of sectors, including technology, financial services, travel, food, drink and lifestyle.

At Hartigan we believe that our integrity is what sets us apart. We pride ourselves on our transparent and straightforward approach, and taking the time to listen to you and understand your needs.

Our team has seven years’ experience in the recruitment industry and prides itself on its professional and supportive approach to client and candidate care.

So whether you are an amazing PR looking for your next move or an agency seeking the finest PR professionals, we are perfectly placed to match brilliant PR people with the best PR jobs in London.

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  • Working from Home – the Pros and Cons

    Working from Home – the Pros and Cons

    Having the chance to work from home is something that a lot of us yearn for. Taking out the dreaded commute gives us the chance to do that early morning Yoga class, have a little lie in or spend your lunch break relaxing at home. However, in my experience (having spoken to a large number of candidates about it) it’s not for everyone! In reality, it can end up with waking up 10 minutes before you need to be available, sleepily making a cup of tea and feeding the cat then sitting down in your pyjamas at the computer. It …Read More
  • Top 5 Questions to prepare for in a PR interview

    Top 5 Questions to prepare for in a PR interview

    Interviews are interviews, and to be honest, unless you have a wonderfully creative potential employer (which hopefully you will), they are likely to be fairly similar no matter who you’re talking to. That being said, some might throw you a curve ball, whereas others might just have a jolly chat with you. So in my humble opinion it’s always best to be prepared for the worst. Here are my top questions to ensure you’re prepared to answer: 1. Tell me about yourself The classic opener – and often puts people on their toes. The key here is to give a …Read More

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Our boutique, specialist PR recruitment agency is based smack bang in the middle of PR world, on buzzy Wardour Street in Soho. If you’re on the hunt for a new PR job in London, or searching for a PR recruitment agency who can help you hire the best of the best, give us a call or drop in a for a coffee.

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