It ain’t over when you’ve got the job

You’ve just accepted a new job offer, your recruiter has negotiated you a pay rise and you’re excited to be moving to pastures new! Well, what’s next? There’s the obvious things like handing in your notice, signing your contract and organising your start date, but starting a new job can often be a daunting process, which is why we don’t just say goodbye when you’ve signed on the dotted line.

It ain’t over when you’ve got the job

We like to support our candidates in any way possible, and as we’ve said in previous blogs, this is all about relationships, so why would we abandon you at such a crucial time? Quite often our clients and candidates like to organise a drink, coffee or just a catch up ahead of their start date, either to meet the team or get up to speed with what’s going to be happening in that first significant week. We’re on hand to help you organise these little bits and pieces and to help make the process smoother.

On that note, there’s nothing we like more than taking a candidate out for a celebratory drink! It’s a great chance to get to know each other on a more personal level as well as advise on any questions there might be around what to expect on the first day – after all, any good recruiter should have the inside scoop on their clients’ office environment and the personalities within. All of our new starters also have a little gift waiting on their desk on the first day – it’s just our way of saying congratulations.

Finally, we’re always on the end of the phone and like to check in regularly during the first few months to make sure you’re settling in well. If there are ever any concerns (rare, but it does sometimes happen…) or you just need a bit of a sounding board or advice, then that’s exactly what we’re here for. Equally, we love to hear about how you’re getting on and the successes you’re having in your new role, so even if it’s just a quick text to say things are going fabulously, then we love to hear it!

We like to think this is why our candidate relationships stand the test of time – we don’t do this to ‘hit a quota’ or to ‘tick a box’ – we genuinely want to keep in touch, and if that means we might be able to help you again in years to come, then that’s good with us.