The benefits of working with small PR agencies

Much like the recruitment industry, we have found that the PR world is made up of a rather large number of small to medium sized businesses, sitting in amongst the big global players such as Edelman, Weber Shandwick and MSL. For us, also a small business, we find that there are so many benefits to working with these often fast growing, ambitious, small PR agencies.

From a recruitment perspective, working with smaller PR agencies means that we often get the ear of the most senior member of staff in the organisation – either the founder, owner or MD. This enables us to build really strong relationships and get a fantastic insight into the aspirations of the agency and working culture, which in turns means we are able to give our candidates a really comprehensive overview of why the opportunity might be the perfect fit for them. And of course make sure that any candidates we put forward for consideration, are genuinely a good fit for the agency in question.

Equally, dealing directly with the senior team means that the recruitment process tends to be a lot quicker and smoother. Without the red tape that the larger corporate companies sometimes have, smaller agencies are often able to make quick decisions when it comes to making a hire and therefore there is less risk of losing out on amazing PR talent – which we all know is in short supply!

We also find that smaller PR agencies tend to be a little more open minded when it comes to finding the ‘perfect’ fit. That’s not to say that the core skills and experience aren’t of course important, but a lot of our smaller clients tend to be interested in meeting candidates who might not have previously worked on like for like brands, or those who maybe don’t have the often coveted ‘big agency’ background. Candidates who offer different client and sector experience can bring a fresh perspective to the table, and surely this can only benefit in the long run, particularly in an industry where it’s all about creativity and innovative thinking?

Of course we love all of our clients, big and small, plus as they say ‘variety is the spice of life’. If you’re looking for recruitment support, on either a permanent, freelance or contract basis, then do get in touch. We would love to help!