The candidate brush off

Candidate brush off

Have you ever gone for an interview or had a really promising conversation with a recruiter, and then for some reason unbeknownst to you, never heard from them again? A surprising number of candidates that we work with seem to have had this kind of experience when dealing with recruitment agencies, which frustratingly doesn’t tend to help with improving the image of the recruitment industry.

Brushing off candidates

After placing a candidate of mine recently into her new PR role, we went for a celebratory drink and catch up, and down the line started chatting about her experience and how she’d found her job hunt. She mentioned that she’d been working with a few recruiters (including us) and one of the roles she’d been put forward for had resulted in a first and second stage interview, including a presentation.

Naturally, she was feeling fairly positive coming out of the second interview and was excited to get feedback, but despite following up, never heard back from the recruiter with even as much as a ‘nope you didn’t get it!’

Unfair? Yes. Unprofessional? Yes! In the PR industry, candidates are king (or queen). In our experience, building relationships with your candidates and those PR professionals you’re hoping to represent in their job search, is absolutely the most vital thing. Without them, you’re nothing. Equally, recruiters across the world, I’m sure know how it feels to be ignored by candidates and it’s got to be the most frustrating thing about this job. How can we expect candidates to respond to us, if we don’t at least treat them with the same courtesy?

To be clear, I’m absolutely not tarnishing all recruiters with the same brush – there are some fantastic ones out there, who provide an excellent service and who we hear great things about from candidates. However, unfortunately we do hear about this kind of conduct fairly regularly from the people we work with.

This is one of the reasons we make sure that we work hard to make sure we keep in contact with our candidates and update them, whatever the outcome. Of course, getting good news is fabulous all around and we are always excited to make those calls. Rejection, on the other hand, can be difficult to deal with, but as we say … ‘at least we know.’ Plus constructive feedback is only helpful moving forwards.

Give us a call if you’d like to chat about your job search – we will do all we can to find you the perfect PR role, and will always keep you up in the loop with how we’re getting on!