What we love about PR recruitment

Remember that moment when you managed to secure your first piece of coverage for a new client, or got a pat on the back from someone in the agency for some excellent work, or even a thank you note from your client? It’s a good feeling, right? And probably one of the reasons that you’re in a PR job… Well, every time we help one of our fantastic PR candidates find their perfect role, we get the same jolt of pride and satisfaction!

A candidate that I have been working with for a few months now, and had helped through a few interviews, was offered her dream role recently. When I called to tell her that she had the offer, she cried…and so did I. Seeing how much it meant to her to get the job and the fact that we helped her get it, makes this job one of the most satisfying in the world. I also went for a drink last week with another candidate of mine, to see how she was getting on after starting her new role a few weeks ago. It was so wonderful to hear about how well she is settling into the agency, enjoying the clients she’s working on and finding inspiration in the senior people she’s working with.

Sure, there are downsides too. When people find they’re not happy in a role that you’ve helped them find, for example. But thankfully this is rare, and any good recruiter will help you through any challenges you’re finding yourself up against in relation to your job, be it good or bad.

Our relationships with our clients are obviously equally as important as those with our candidates, and when we get it right, the feeling of achievement and job satisfaction is the same. We keep in regular contact with our clients and candidates following a successful placement, and hearing positive feedback from both sides is amazing – as is being able to pass on that feedback!

We have our eagle eyes on a large chunk of the people in the PR industry on a daily basis, which means we see people making moves from agency to agency. It’s absolutely fascinating to watch people’s careers progress over the years, and even more gratifying when we’ve been a part of their career development.

Sometimes the people we’re working with come to us because they’re extremely unhappy in their roles. After all, a lot of us value ourselves and our self-worth on our careers, and when that’s not going well, it can result in huge amounts of stress that can even manifest itself physically. Working with candidates who are in this situation is tough, as part of you just wants to get them out of there! A big part of what we do in this situation is to offer advice, a shoulder to cry on (literally and figuratively!) and essentially just be a supportive ear on the end of the phone or over a cup of coffee. It makes us even more determined to help find them their next role, and we do all we can to find opportunities that are going to be right for what they’re looking for. Sometimes we’re not the ones who are able to find them the perfect role, but because of the relationships we build with each and every person we work with, it still feels like a victory.

Ultimately, this role is all about people, and since we’re people people (!), we love it.