My move into PR recruitment – 2 years on…

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This month marks three years since Hartigan Recruitment opened its doors and started our job matchmaking service for PR professionals and PR agencies. It also marks 2 years since I took the plunge and started working in recruitment – a serious career change and one I’ve not looked back from.

My move into PR recruitment – 2 years on…

After University, my career started off with a brief stint in the art industry (not for me!) and at the time I remember thinking that anything that had an element of “sales” or “targets” would be the worst job I could imagine. I steered clear of any recruiter that suggested I take on a junior sales role or dip my toe into more corporate waters in order to start my career, so I ended up in an advertising agency in an account management role (go figure).

Fast forward a few years, I discovered that advertising (also) wasn’t for me, so decided to make quite a radical change and join Hartigan Recruitment. Little did I know, the elements of the role which I thought would be the most challenging and terrifying, I actually found to be massively rewarding and interesting! I discovered I have quite a thick skin for rejection, which is definitely required in this job. I also found that the success of finding somebody their perfect job gave me serious job satisfaction.

Surprisingly (to me at least), one of my favourite elements of the job is sales. Securing buy in from a new client is extremely fulfilling, and meeting new people, seeing their offices and getting under the skin of what they’re looking for is really fun! Equally, meeting new candidates and getting to know them is really rewarding, some of whom I come away from meeting feeling that we could be great mates. Anyone that knows me will tell you I talk a lot, a skill that is luckily valued in this industry, and I’m delighted that I’ve finally found a job that I feel passionate about!

It helps that the recruitment style at Hartigan Recruitment is somewhat different to your standard PR recruiter. We work incredibly collaboratively and perhaps less competitively than some others, and above all (and one of the things I was scared of not happening) we genuinely value and foster relationships with clients and candidates alike. There’s no “fastest finger” approach to make sure we’re the ones who get the fee, there’s no bending of the truth to convince somebody to interview or accept a role, and we are up front and honest with everyone.

Ultimately, you should never judge a book by its cover, and even if you don’t think something is going to be your bag, you could be completely wrong! Hartigan are now in a really exciting situation hiring for our next employee, and I’m really proud to be part of a company that’s growing every day.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of our team of three (including the office pupper) then give us a call!