New PR job, what’s next?

You’ve just started your new PR job. Now what? How do you make sure that your first few months go smoothly? It’s quite common once you start your new role, to never really speak with your recruiter again. For us, we want to make sure your probation period goes swimmingly on both sides! So, as well as us being available on the end of the phone or on call for a catch up drink, here are our top tips to help you settle in…

Building relationships

On average, we spend 40 hours a week in the office. It’s therefore pretty important that we get on with our colleagues & go in to work feeling happy to be surrounded by these people all day long. Getting to know your new team and building that all-important rapport, is therefore quite a big priority for most!

Some agencies have a ‘buddy’ system in place, to help you integrate into the team. Others have a more relaxed approach, whether that’s going out for lunch with a few of the team or having a quick drink after work. Either way, building a bond with your co-workers and getting to know the people you’re sat with throughout your working week, is imperative.

Listen, learn & take it all in

Starting a new job can be daunting and mentally exhausting. Not only are you getting to know your new team, but you’re learning about the agency’s way of working, maybe getting to grips with your client portfolio and generally figuring out how things get done. You might be an experienced PR with 10 years’ experience under your belt, or just starting out in the PR industry, but no agency is the same and there are always going to be new things to pick up and get on board with. Listening to and absorbing the information around you is the quickest way to get up to speed with your new employer’s way of working.

Ask questions

There is no such thing as a silly question – don’t be afraid to ask if you’re not sure. Showing the initiative to find out something you don’t know is a good thing, and means you’re getting the right information to help you in your role as opposed to muddling along and hoping you figure it out eventually.

Raise your concerns

The first few months in your new job are your ‘probation period’. This time allows for both you and your new employer to settle into working together, for you to learn the ropes and get up to speed, and for your employer to assess your performance and fit within the business.

This time also gives you an opportunity to make sure the company is the right home for you. As thorough as an interview process might be and as certain as you can feel about an agency being right for you, there are of course rare occasions where things don’t always pan out how you might have hoped. If you have any concerns about your role or the agency, now is the perfect time to raise them. Any little niggles are best ironed out sooner than later, before they become bigger problems. Having regular catch ups with your manager will give you the chance to make sure both sides are happy.