One Month In: A tale of babies, playlists and gut-rumblings

It’s been just over a month since I took an offer from Hartigan Recruitment. I had more than one offer on the table, and with my first baby on the way I had to make sure I made the right choice. Both opportunities looked like they could offer excellent earning potential, generous commission and overall package. What edged it for Hartigan was that they’re an exciting start up and family-run. They seemed genuine and wanted to invest in me as an individual. They came across as the sort of people I’d get on really well with on a personal as well as professional level.

It turns out I was right, we’ve all got a lot in common and I’m sure I made the right decision. Plus they let me be in charge of music most days, so they clearly know how to make me happy! Finally my colossal playlists I’ve been obsessively compiling are being put to good use!

In summary, the more I do it, the more I realise it’s good to trust your gut instinct. I now know Hartigan are solid and almost certain to succeed. But I didn’t when I was making my decision. I’ve now been rewarded with a job I love, and a far more interesting, creative, candidate-driven sector that’s more suited to my style of recruitment (service-equal-to-sales). I’m getting training and guidance in tune with my learning type, and for the first time I can really see the growth and progression I want.

So I guess they’re stuck with me!