We’re Hiring! Junior Recruitment Consultant role.

PR Recruitment - We're hiring!

Salary – c. £18k – £20k dependent on experience
Benefits – competitive, plus commission scheme
Start date – April 2018

We are a young, independent and fiercely ambitious PR Recruitment agency, recruiting for an equally enthusiastic Junior Recruitment Consultant to …


It ain’t over when you’ve got the job

You’ve just accepted a new job offer, your recruiter has negotiated you a pay rise and you’re excited to be moving to pastures new! Well, what’s next? There’s the obvious things like handing in your notice, signing your contract and …


Skilling up for your next career move

Our most recent blog focused on the challenges faced by those recruiting in the PR industry, with our two cents on attracting, hiring and retaining the best talent. This time, we wanted to discuss and highlight the changing role of …


Ethics girls (and boys)

One of the very first PR stunts – and still one of the most famous – was a promotion for Lucky Strike cigarettes. In 1928 Edward Bernays launched the “torches of freedom” campaign which encouraged women to show …


What we love about PR recruitment

Remember that moment when you managed to secure your first piece of coverage for a new client, or got a pat on the back from someone in the agency for some excellent work, or even a thank you note from …


Reflections: female leadership in PR

If you’re reading this in a PR agency, take a look around you. How many of your colleagues are women? Are you one?

It’s well known and reported that the Public Relations industry employs more women than men, with the …


PR recruitment – the candidate’s view

While we take pride in the efforts we make to help our candidates, we can’t compare it to the stress of job-hunting, interviewing and – yes – dealing with recruiters.

That’s why we spoke to one of our long-standing candidates, …


PR Career Coaching through Hartigan

PR career coaching through Hartigan

As part of our quest to offer different and thought-provoking support for our candidates and clients, we’ve created a new kind of service. One that you won’t find from a regular recruiter. Or any PR recruiter we know of for …