What we love about PR recruitment

Remember that moment when you managed to secure your first piece of coverage for a new client, or got a pat on the back from someone in the agency for some excellent work, or even a thank you note from …


Reflections: female leadership in PR

If you’re reading this in a PR agency, take a look around you. How many of your colleagues are women? Are you one?

It’s well known and reported that the Public Relations industry employs more women than men, with the …


PR recruitment – the candidate’s view

While we take pride in the efforts we make to help our candidates, we can’t compare it to the stress of job-hunting, interviewing and – yes – dealing with recruiters.

That’s why we spoke to one of our long-standing candidates, …


PR Career Coaching through Hartigan

PR career coaching through Hartigan

As part of our quest to offer different and thought-provoking support for our candidates and clients, we’ve created a new kind of service. One that you won’t find from a regular recruiter. Or any PR recruiter we know of for …


A day in the life of Hartigan Recruitment

Recruiters get a bad press, and often it is well deserved. There are far too many consultants out there who see candidates as a resource; nothing more than a stack of CVs to match to new jobs that come in.…


How to stand out from your PR peers

The wind of technological change is blowing through the public relations industry, and PRs can no longer rely on their copywriting chops or contacts book to stay ahead of their peers. Today’s public relations professional needs a portfolio of technology …


Finding the right cultural fit

There are few worse feelings than acing an interview for your dream job, only to be turned down because you aren’t “the right cultural fit”.

Failing a job application is always a blow, but it can be especially depressing when …


In search of the elusive B2B Tech PR professional

You can usually tell the technology department at any large agency: while the consumer team’s pod is typically piled with chocolates, bottles of fancy booze, and high-end toiletries, the tech desk is unadorned except for a scattering of branded USB …