PR Recruitment – It’s time for a new job!

It’s that time of year again when things start to slow down in the lead up to Christmas and I know we say this every December but honestly, where has the year gone? Looking retrospectively over 2019 in PR recruitment terms, it’s fair to say that there are certain recurring seasonal trends in the industry which we thought would be insightful to share for any PR job seekers to bear in mind for next year.

January is notoriously one of the most popular months for job seeking in PR and in general and understandably so as many are fired up by resolutions to secure that fab new role, get fit, drink more water etc. January is also when PR agencies are best able to assess the hires they need to make for the upcoming year and tend to get back on the hunt for fresh talent.

The Christmas break is therefore an excellent time to get your CV up to date, adding on any impressive recent achievements, ready to hit the ground running in January as soon as vacancies go live.

Time is ultimately of the essence in this industry so being slightly ahead of the curve by preparing in advance for the January rush is a great way of getting yourself in prime position to successfully achieve new year’s resolution number one.

Another great, and possibly less obvious, time of year to get on the PR job hunt is towards the end of August. We found last summer that things unexpectedly picked up at the beginning of September which hasn’t been so common in years prior.

I suppose this is when everyone comes back from holidays with fresh tans and renewed energy and can start getting things sorted before the year winds down again.

So for anyone who is actively looking for a new agency side PR role, brace yourselves for the January flurry and for those of you who might be considering a move further on down the line in 2020 keep your eyes peeled for new opportunities in late summer (even if that is from the beach!).