Purpose & Sustainability in PR

In a world with Greta Thunberg is inspiring people in their millions to get out and protest against inaction from governments on climate change, and consumers are becoming much more conscious about their buying choices, it’s only natural that brands are going to want to capitalise on the zeitgeist.

Over the last few months, we have spoken to more and more candidates who are interested in purpose-led, sustainability conscious campaigns and it appears most agencies are rising to the demand. We’ve started working with two b-corp agencies (we had no idea what a b-corp was until then, but it sounds fantastic) who balance purpose and profit and work with their clients to identify and communicate their own unique purpose as a company.

Now we’re not PR experts, having never done the job ourselves (we’re very good at finding the right PR people!), but it feels like there’s a bit of a shift happening in the industry, similarly to when social media hit the scene. Our candidates are becoming more and more interested on the impact that agencies and their clients are having on the world and making sure they’re going to be part of a positive one. For some people, an agency’s chops when it comes to supporting mental well-being, being sustainable and of course flexible working are actually MORE important than salary these days.

As I’ve said, we’re not experts in the industry, but through the recruitment grapevine we speak to a lot of people and it’s really interesting to see the shift towards doing good mattering more to our candidates than monetary gain.