Hartigan are here to help you navigate the stormy waters of finding a new job. Our focus is on care and support for our candidates, and we spend time on in-depth briefing and preparation to make sure you are applying for the right role.

We aren’t just occasional voices at the end of the phone, or a name at the end of an email. We spend time meeting each of our candidates ahead of any interview to ensure they are always fully prepared and ready and able to face any prospective employer.

Specialising in PR careers & jobs in London, we have an in-depth knowledge of London based PR agencies. We keep up to date with current trends of the job market and offer career advice and counselling to make sure we are matching you with perfect opportunities. Hartigan will find the right job for you.

Hartigan will be with you every step of the way, managing the process with your best interests at heart. We handle all negotiations and celebrate with you when you get your new job!

We continue our relationships with our candidates long after they start their new job and provide continued thoughtful support and guidance throughout their careers.

Let us prove it, give us a call.